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Rally & Obedience Rules News

Rally now has a Rally Warrant to work for. This comes after the level 6 title, but requires the dog to have gained a title AT EACH LEVEL. Dogs working two levels at a time can sometimes gain the higher one first. If the show dates then fall so that no more qualifiers at the lower level can be gained, the lower level title would be skipped. If working two levels at once, it will be necessary to take care to finish the lower level first, which can be awkward if the classes turn out to be in reverse order on the day.

Obedience: Stays at all levels have been suspended. Initially this is to allow shows to restart after lockdown, but the end of stays has already been voted for. Discussions on how to incorporate a short stay in each round, or something similar, are taking place before the final rule change is made.

2021 News Update

Agility TIckets in 2021

Lily Dakin and Wavesong Honky Tonk Blu won the Medium Agility Ticket at the Agility Club Show in July 2021

Sam Towe and Licosateria Shades Of Blue won the Medium Ticket at Dogs In Need Agility Society in August 2021.

Online competition news, (non KC)

Jean Tuck's Maddie (Saunderswood Fire Fly of Craygill AWG) and Zac (Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill AWP Beg.Ex) have been having a try at tricks with DogTricksUK during the November lockdown, and since. Having worked their way through Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert levels, they have now achieved Champion status (TDCH).

Although not recognised by our KC, the American and Canadian KCs do recognise it, and their logos are on all the certificates.

The tricks include exercises from agility, breed, obedience, scentwork and rally, as well as more traditional tricks, so there?s something for everyone to get started.

"Sheltie at Work"

As there were no shows last year, and therefore very little news, it was decided that there would be no Autumn issue of "Sheltie at Work" in 2020. Subscriptions have been carried forward to 2021, when we hope that dog activities will be back to normality again.

Agility Show 2020

Our Agility Show planned for 1st November 2020 was regretfully cancelled taking into account the KC advice about shows and the fact that the venue does not lend itself for the suitable social distancing required.

Rally and Obedience Training Days

We have arranged an Obedience Training Day with Sarah Delany in Farnham on Saturday 6th November 2021.

News from 2020


Platinum Agility Warrant

Jean Tuck with Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill AW(G) Beg.Ex RL3 Ex (Zac) has gained the final points for his Platinum Agility Warrant.

New Agility Tickets

The following have won their second ticket

Louise Eden with Obay The Boyz High Voltage

Nicola Garrett with Obay One Crazy Dude

The following have also won a ticket

Bernadette Bay with Obay Letz Go Girlz.

Emma Fairweather with Obay Thatz The Biz.

Mark Wingate-Wynne with Obay Thatz Entertainment.

Steven Richardson with Sanscott Midnight Mist (Owned by Mr & Mrs Graham)

With Lian's two tickets plus one ticket each from Chloe and Roz reported in the last SAW, as well as Hayley winning The Crufts Agility Championships, the Shelties have won eleven tickets this year.

The Kennel Club have announced the Agility Team G.B. squad 2020
Medium Squad:

Hayley Telling with Ag Ch New Illusions Bi Enchantment Of The Five Colors

Sam Towe with Licosateria Shades Of Blue 

Small Squad:

Apryl Britton with Never Let Go Of The Five Colors

Chloe Brown with Licosateria Mai Sunbeam

Mark Wingate-Wynne with Obay Thatz Entertainment

The following Shelties will be competing at Crufts

Chloe Brown with Licosateria Mai Sunbeam has qualified for the Small Crufts Singles

Nicola Garrett with Obay One Crazy Dude and

Karen Gibbons with Riverbend Mitzie have both qualified for the Medium ABC

Louise Eden with Obay Thatz Shocking has qualified for the Novice Cup

The ESSC Working Section Medium Relay Team consisting of:

Jenni Hilliard with Braxway Ready To Rockit  

Caroline Durrant with Braxway Blazing Ready  

Sam Towe with Licosateria Shades Of Blue

Rhiannon Thomas with Channerswick Kryptonite  

Rhoda Burdett with Sanscott Ski Blue

Sam Towe with Foxstones Penelope Pitstop 

Y.K.C. at Crufts

Fred Adams with Upanover Under Pressure (Ace) is doing YKC Dog of the Year and Jumping

Kelsey Wood also with Ace is doing YKC Small ABC

Chloe Crane with Licosateria Bionic (Quizz) is doing YKC Medium ABC

Hayley Gilbert with Lanteague Lotus AW(P) is doing YKC Small ABC and YMC 18-24 Agility

Olympia 2019

Mark Wingate-Wynne with Obay Thatz Entertainment was 4th in Small Jumping Grand Prix, 5th in Small Agility Stakes Final.


Sue Robinson with Sheltysham Nut Box in Alnmac (Fozzie) was 2nd in Limit at St. Helens Midwesterns Championship Show. Fozzie has had several places working 'A' in Obedience.


Lin Abbott with Keltihope Work of Art was 3rd in Novice at ESSC Limit.

Wendy Ashby with Janetstown Just Joking was 2nd in Beginners at ESSC Limit.

Wendy Clark with Colmae Cazanova was 1st in ?A? at ESSC Limit.

Carol Dare with Lavika Mirror Image (Rafa) was 4th in ?A? and 1st in ?B? at ESSC Limit.

Heidi Dixon with Lightning Lilly (Dizzy) was 2nd in ?A? at Thurrock. 3rd in ?A? and 2nd in ?B? at ESSC Limit.

Penny Forster-Cooper with Sheltysham Briar Rose at Alnmac (Katie) was 2nd in ?A? at ESSC Limit.

Wendy Gallin with Lianbray Lovestrike was 2nd in Pre-Beginners at ESSC Limit. 

Vanessa Hardin with Sheltysham Medley of Gold AW(S) RL6.Ex (Jelly Tot) was 1st in Novice at ESSC Limit. 

Also Vanessa with Sheltysham Miss Mayhem AW(G) RL5 Beg.Ex (Tutti Fruitti) was 6th in Novice at ESSC Limit.

Lesley Lubbi with Amberblaze By A Lady of Layash (Flame) was 6th in Novice at Birmingham & Dist GSD.

Sue Kennedy with Mendipmist Handsome Prince was 2nd in Novice at ESSC Limit.

John Kenny with Sandstar Handsome Lad was 1st in Pre-Beginners at ESSC Limit.

Frances Meredith with Milwyr Diamond Geezer was 1st in Beginners at ESSC Limit.

Sue Robinson with Sheltysham Nut Box in Alnmac (Fozzie) was 4th in ?A? at Thurrock, 5th in 'A' at Anglia Acorns, 2nd in 'A' at Sheffield.

Also Sue with Sheltysham Nightsong at Alnmac (So-So) was 4th in ?B? at Thurrock. So-So won his last 'A' at Anglia Acorns so will be working 'B' and 'C' next year. So-So got a 3rd in his final 'A' at Sheffield.

Jean Tuck with Tooralie?s Masquerade at Craygill AW(G) Beg.Ex RL3 Ex (Zac) was 3rd in Beginners at Birmingham & Dist GSD, 5th in Beginners at BAGSD.

Rosemary Turner with Iliad Isa Tease at Khamysker RL2.Ex (Teasel) was 5th in Novice at ESSC limit.

Dawn Wood with Lianbray Lotto was 4th in Novice at ESSC limit.

The following Sheltie will be competing at Crufts

Janette Mitchell with Fenstyle Kerro Blue Diamond (Kerroo) is in the Northern Ireland Obedience Team.


Sheltie Superstars Team have qualified for Crufts 2020. 

The team comprises:

Vanessa Hardin with Sheltysham Medley of Gold AW(G) RL6.Ex 

Rowena Steady with Tooralie's Just The Tonic P-Beg.Ex RL3.Ex 

Carol Dare with Lavika Mirror Image 

Jean Tuck with Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill AW(P) Beg.Ex RL3.Ex


Rosemary Turner with Iliad Isa Tease at Khamysker RL2 WT.Intro

Callie Mather with Bluehollow Moondaisy RL4.Ex


Lin Abbott with Keltihope Work of Art (Jed) was 1st in Level 1 and 6th in Level 2 at Winchester City.

Christina Graham with Shadoway Aces High RL3LEx (Arran) was 5th in Level 3 at Banbury, 2nd in Level 3 at Somerset Rally, 1st in Level 3 and 2nd in Level 3 at Daventry weekend,

Also Christina with Shadoway Game of Chance RL6.Ex (Perry) was 2nd in Level 6 at Daventry, 5th in Level 6 at Winchester City.

Vanessa Hardin with Sheltysham Miss Mayhem AW(G) Beg.Ex RL5.Ex (Tutti Fruitti) was 1st in Level 5 and 1st in Level 6 at Daventry.

Also Vanessa with Sheltysham Medley of Gold RL6.Ex (Jelly Tot) was 5th in Level 6 at Daventry.

Rowena Steady with Tooralie’s Just The Tonic RL3.Ex (Toes) was 5th in Level 3 at Banbury, 3rd in Level 3 at Somerset Rally, 5th in Level 3 at Daventry.

Jean Tuck with Saunderswood Fire Fly of Craygill AW(G) RL6.Ex (Maddie) was 4th in Level 6 at Daventry.

Rosemary Turner with Iliad Isa Tease at Khamysker RL2.Ex (Teasel) was 4th in Level 3 at Somerset Rally.

The following Shelties will be competing at Crufts

Betty Straw with Dukeson I’m A Believer

Christine Dunning with Mohnesee Miss Nightingale (Flore)

Gloria Bonnell with Sandwick Centre Stage at Cinlock (Dylan)

Joanna Pidduck with Peartbrook Black Diamond 

Kennel Club Good Citizens

Davina Symes with Lianbray Trice As Nice (Robbie) got his Bronze and Silver Good Citizens at Thames Dog Training Club.  


Jean Tuck with Tooralie’s Masquerade at Craygill AW(G) Beg.Ex RL3 Ex (Zac) did his first Level 5 at ScentworkUK. He had to find a least 9 of 12 hidden scented items and managed to find all of them. Thus gaining full marks and a 3rd place and qualifying him to work Level 6. 

Working Trials

Rosemary Turner with Iliad Isa Tease at Khamysker RL2.Ex (Teasel) qualified and came 4th in the Intro Stake at Banbury Open Working Trials.

Platinum Test devised by the Three Legged Cross D.T.C. for themselves

This test includes 

Heel Free (all three paces) 

Send Away at least 20 yards. 

Retrieve placed slipper (to owner sitting in a chair for disabled exercise). 

Distant Control (three positions). 

Seek back 20 paces to find either glove or key fob. 

Recall from distractions i.e. loose dogs.

Also handlers to command their dog in down position when all dogs are loose. 

Stay exercise 2 mins down handler out of sight. 

They get 'Exceptional' if they gain 90 ? 100 marks.

Rosemary Turner with Iliad Isa Tease at Khamysker RL2.Ex (Teasel) 

gained 95 points at the above tests.