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Agility Show 

The Agility Show will be held on Sunday 23rd January 2022

Venue: The Dog Training Barn, Main Road, Middleton, Cheney, Banbury, Oxon OX17 2PW  

Rally & Obedience Rules News

Rally now has a Rally Warrant to work for. This comes after the level 6 title, but requires the dog to have gained a title AT EACH LEVEL. Dogs working two levels at a time can sometimes gain the higher one first. If the show dates then fall so that no more qualifiers at the lower level can be gained, the lower level title would be skipped. If working two levels at once, it will be necessary to take care to finish the lower level first, which can be awkward if the classes turn out to be in reverse order on the day.

Obedience: Stays at all levels have been suspended. Initially this is to allow shows to restart after lockdown, but the end of stays has already been voted for. Discussions on how to incorporate a short stay in each round, or something similar, are taking place before the final rule change is made.

2021 News Update


Lily Dakin with Wavesong Honky Tonk Blu won the Medium Agility Ticket at The Agility Club Show in July 2021.

Sam Towe with Licosateria Shades Of Blue won the Medium Agility Ticket at Dogs In Need Agility Society in August 2021.

Mark Wingate-Wynne with Obay Thatz Entertainment won the Small Agility Ticket (their second) at Bretford DTS in October.

Di Poingdestre with Bramleycroft Miss Rock’n Roll AW(G) was 1st at the Agility Club Championship Show 2021 Medium Finals

Lorraine Bedford with Rainmark the Charmed One (Paige) competing in Grade 4 were

2nd at Agility Vision - Agility 3-5 on 31.5.21

1st at ICONIX - Agility G4 on 10.7.21

2nd at ICONIX - Jumping G4 on 11.7.21 

2nd at ICONIX -  Agility on 31.8.21

Sue Lang with Chelmarsh All The Way (Kete) competing in Grade 5 were

1st at Agility Vision - Graded Agility  3-5 on 22.08.21

1st at Agility Vision - Graded Jumping  4-7 on 30.08.21

Jean Tuck with Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill AWP Beg.Ex RL5.Ex (Zac) competing in Grade 7 were

3rd at Inspire Agility -  Graded Jumping 7-7 on 08.05.21

3rd at Agility Vision - Graded Jumping  5-7 on 23.05.21

3rd at Agility Hope - Combined Jumping  5-7 on 06.06.21

1st at Agility Hope - Combined Jumping  4-7 on 06.06.21

2nd at Inspire Agility - Graded Agility 5-7 on 13.06.21

1st at Pure Agility - Graded Agility 6-7 on 21.06.21

2nd at Inspire Agility - Graded Jumping 5-7 on 27.06.21

1st at Agility Vision - Graded Agility 6-7 on 09.07.21

1st at Agility Vision - Graded Jumping 6-7 on 09.07.21

2nd at Derbyshire DAC  - Graded Jumping 6-7 on 01.08.21

1st at Agility Vision - Graded Agility 5-7 on 14.08.21

1st at Agility Vision - Graded Jumping 6-7 on 15.08.21

1st at Agility Vision - Combined Jumping 6-7 on 20.08.21

1st at Agility Vision - Combined Agility 6-7 on 20.08.21

1st at Agility Nuts - Graded Agility 6-7 on 05.09.21

2nd at Dogs Unleashed - Combined Jumping 2-7 on 12.09.21

1st at Agility Vision - Graded Jumping 6-7 on 24.09.21

2nd at Agility Vision - Graded Jumping 5-7 on 26.09.21

1st at Agility Vision - Combined Jumping 6-7 on 26.09.21

2nd at Inspire Agility - BOTH Graded 6-7 Agility classes on 17.10.21

2nd at Inspire Agility - Medium Graded 6-7 Jumping on 6.11.21

1st at Phase Purple - Graded 6-7 Jumping on 20.11.21

4th at Inspire Agility -  Graded 6-7 Jumping on 4.12.21 

2nd at Inspire Agility - Graded 6-7 Agility on 4.12.21
2nd at Inspire Agility - Graded 6-7 Jumping on 4.12.21

The Kennel Club and the Agility Team GB Management Team have announced the list of handlers and dogs that have progressed from The Open Showcase event (which took place on Sunday 25th April), onto the Agility Team GB Pre-Selection Qualifier for 2022. The Pre-Selection Qualifier is part of the qualifying process in potentially being selected for Agility GB Team at the European Open and Agility World Cup.  

The following were chosen.

Angel Eley with Licosateria Make Way For Dex.

Matthew Burdett with Licosateria Final Frontier.


Lyn Abbott with Keltihope Work Of Art (Jed) was

5th in Novice at Chesvale Dog Training Club

Carol Dare with Lavika Mirror Image (Rafawas
2nd in Novice at Lune Valley
1st in Novice at Forest Oak Glos
6th in Test A at Danesford

Lesley Lubbi with Amberblaze By A Lady of Layash (Flame) was

5th in Novice at Billingshurst Dog Training Club

4th in Novice at Culverstone Dog Training Club

1st in Novice at Ditton Dog Training Club

Lesley Lubbi with Amberblaze Endless Dream of Layash (Codie) was

2nd in Novice at Anglian Acorns Obedience Group

6th in Novice at Woodman Obedience Show

Sue Robinson with Alnmac Midnight Flyer (Tori) was

3rd in Novice at East Anglia Five of Clubs
3rd in Novice at Spalding & District
3rd in Novice at Witham DTC
2nd in Novice at Halstead DOC
4th in Novice at Anglian Acorns
2nd in Novice at Great Baddow

3rd in Novice Dog at Elm Park

6th in A at Sheffield

Sue Robinson's Sheltysham Nutbox in Alnmac (Fozzie) was

6th in A at Spalding & District (handled by Penny Forster-Cooper)
5th in A at Halstead DOC

Sue Robinson with Sheltysham Nightsong at Alnmac (So-So) was

6th in B at Halstead 

5th in B at Elm Park 

Rowena Steady with Tooralie’s Just The Tonic (Toes) was

5th in Beginners at Paignton


Jean Tuck's Tooralie’s Masquerade at Craygill AW(P) Beg. Ex RL5.Ex (Zac)

gained his Rally Level 4 Excellent title with a win at the Somerset Show in September 2021.

Zac completed his Rally Level 5 Excellent title with a 2nd place at Ilminster in October, also winning his first Level 6 class.

Jean Tuck's Saunderswood Fire Fly of Craygill AW(G) RL6.Ex (Maddie)

has also been placed with some good scores this year.

Online competition news, (non KC)

Jean Tuck's Maddie (Saunderswood Fire Fly of Craygill AWG) and Zac (Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill AWP Beg.Ex) have been having a try at tricks with DogTricksUK during the November lockdown, and since. Having worked their way through Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert levels, they have now achieved Champion status (TDCH).

Although not recognised by our KC, the American and Canadian KCs do recognise it, and their logos are on all the certificates.

The tricks include exercises from agility, breed, obedience, scentwork and rally, as well as more traditional tricks, so there's something for everyone to get started.

"Sheltie at Work"

As there were no shows last year, and therefore very little news, it was decided that there would be no Autumn issue of "Sheltie at Work" in 2020. Subscriptions have been carried forward to 2021, when we hope that dog activities will be back to normality again.