ESSC Working Section

ESSC Working Section Awards

1. The Section will offer awards for you to keep which will go to the Sheltie gaining the most points at shows over the year in every Grade in Agility, Class in Obedience and Level in Rally and in Working Trials.

2. Points will be gained during the calendar year, at Kennel Club Licensed Shows only.

3. Awards are available only to ESSC Members who subscribe to “Sheltie at Work” and will be presented at the Working Section’s AGM in February. If you cannot attend the AGM to collect your award, they will not be sent unless you pay the cost of postage.

4. Applications for the awards must be submitted by 6th February (postmark).

5. Forms can be downloaded from the Working Section website www.esscworkingsection.co.uk under ‘AGM’, or by sending a SAE (at least 8½” x 4½” or 22 x 11 cm) to our Secretary: Mrs Lesley Lubbi, Layash, 2 Celia Crescent, Ashford, Middx TW15 3NW.  

Claims will only be accepted on the proper forms (or photocopies).  Please use a separate form for each Sheltie. 

When returning forms, please state which discipline(s) you are claiming for.

Points allocated will be the same for Grades 1 to 7 in Agility,

Classes Pre-Beginner to ‘C’ in Obedience and Levels 1 - 6 in Rally.

1st  place =  6 points                 4th place = 3 points

2nd place = 5 points                 5th place = 2 points

3rd  place = 4 points                 6th place = 1 point